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The Secret Mantra of Our Home

Always be a freshman!  That was the mantra in our house.

Wake up every morning and shout, “It’s great to be alive!”  Explore all the new adventures life has to offer, while continuing on the path of achievement.  Be responsible.  Show up for class (life).  Be a gentle cynic.  Believe in the possible and the impossible.  Make a difference. Speak up.  Watch.  Participate.  Have wants….  It’s good to have wants. Start saving now —  compounding is magical.  Live within your means and enjoy it immensely.  Laugh like you breathe — at yourself and with others.

My parents have been phenomenal role models.  I have taken every lesson to heart, did my very best to teach these lessons to my kids despite rebellion through the teen years, and strive to continue living life like a freshman.

If only I didn’t have to deal with the Freshman 10…..


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