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The Sexiest Thing a Man Can Say…

No, it’s not that you’re beautiful, nor is it that you’re the hottest POA in here although these are both very nice things to hear in their own personalized ways of course. Just in general, food for thought, these are nice things to hear on any day or well everyday (okay, realistically, bi-monthly or at least on a one time per month basis) not just on the nights that the hub is looking for a piece of that a$$. Kidding, not really.

All joking aside…and I don’t know why mothers haven’t taught their sons this because I fully intend to teach mine this later on in his life. But the sexiest thing a man can ask his wife, girlfriend, partner or whatever – especially if they’ve recently just had a child together – is this simple question; and he can phrase it any way he likes: “Do you need help with anything?” Better yet, using her first name when addressing her and then delivering the question is the best plan of action. “Names are the sweetest and most important sound in any language,”(Dale Carnegie) and it always sounds so much more sincere for some reason, like it’s addressed only to you.

“Do you need help with anything, sweetie,” is a panty dropper and will likely almost definitely get him some of that a$$. Maybe not right away, but if you play it right…you’re bound to get some eventually after she first gets over the shock and awe of the question posed in and of itself, but if he’s sincere and he means it that is even better. So again, I don’t understand why nobody has told all men this?

This kind of question is quintessential and it is especially important to a working mother, whose job literally starts from the moment her toes hit the floor until the moment those toes get back under the covers 17 hours or so, likely more depending on if the small person you’ve created sleeps through the night.

It’s a guarantee that the answer to that genius question will ALWAYS be YES! Yet, the gratitude that will ensue from just the question alone will be the magical foundation to a happy and flourishing romance that evening; provided you’re both not too tired. Nevertheless, it will help solidify your co-parenting relationship and undoubtedly bring you both closer together.

Anytime the opposite sex acknowledges and commiserates with one another, with the intention of genuinely wanting to help each other, the more successful they’ll be in developing and proliferating their relationship. After all, what do we really want more than anything else in the world? Not a million dollars although that certainly would be awesome…people generally really only want to be acknowledged and appreciated. Those two gifts alone are worth their weight in gold.

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