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Their Tiny Two-Cents Worth

Maybe I’m crazy, or maybe I’m just a mom of toddlers.  Maybe this doesn’t happen for all moms, but there has to be some of you out there who are in the same shoes. Let me break down a little scenario for you.


So, I’m having a typical toddler day. They are running about, playing together with something or other- dolls, blocks, dressing stuffed animals or themselves, just a regular day. I’m loading the dishwasher or writing out bills, or maybe even, gasp, going to the bathroom. I ask the girls to do something. Pick up their blocks, stop chasing the cat, stop hitting her sister- some simple request.  I ask again. I ask again. I ask again… I think you can see where this is going.


How many times does it take to get to the center of a Momma meltdown? One…. two…. three…. Craaaaack.

How many times does it take before I lose my mommy shit and yell? It varies, but the response when I do is always the same.




From a toddler.


They act like I am an irrational, crazed out Mom, which, of course by that point I am, but only because it isn’t until I lose my shit that anything gets done!


They act like I haven’t’ asked a million times in a variety of different ways.

They act like I didn’t start this journey out with a calm and reasonable request of them. I did not wake up and immediately jump on the crazy train. I’m typically a level-headed mom who expects her children to pick up their shit when they have demolished the house and are no longer busy playing with the debris they have scattered.


I am not asking too much of them, but that is the reaction when I flip the Mom switch.




Why is this the case? I know other mothers must feel the same way at times. I can’t be alone in this battle.  Please, tell me I am not alone.


And while we’re on this topic,  why do you, Toddler, feel the need to respond to me in this way?


I pushed your tiny body out of my own just a few years ago. I feed you, clothe you, wipe your butt and clean up your boogers. I don’t respond to YOUR requests with… “Okkkaaayy…”  And yet you’re going to give ME attitude after I get a little crazy when you fail to do as asked time after time after time…?


Are you genetically programmed with this apathy you demonstrate?  You’re tiny little mind signaling you, “There she goes again with all that ranting! All she has to do is just ask. ‘Okaaaaayyyy Mom… chill out. I’m working on it.” Is this your thought process??
It’s frustrating  as hell,  how you feel this need to get your tiny two cents worth in, and all I have to say about it at this point is, “You didn’t get that shit from me…”

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