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This is a Test – This is Only a Test

Wednesday morning, I get a terrified plea from my 60+ year old long distance boyfriend.  “I am in a lot of pain.  I’m scared.  I really want you here.  Please fly up.  I need you.”

Not one to panic, I check the airlines and book a flight departing around noon.  Gives me enough time to pack, get to the airport and if needed, make a last minute cancellation because the doctor has told my terrified beau that gas pains won’t kill him — he’s just fine.  This is my busy time of the year so an out of town trip was not in the cards.

Well, it was not a little gas but an incredibly large kidney stone and I make the commitment to head north.  But alas, my love and devotion was certainly tested in my attempt to reach “my guy” in his time of need.  My flight gets delayed.

And not just a little delay…. my flight, hit by a triple header of air traffic, plane malfunction, and floods in Houston preventing a new plane to arrive, gets delayed until the following morning.

I return home for the night, on the phone with my man a good portion of the evening as he enjoys a few helpful meds and writhes in pain every hour.

The following morning, I grab a ride right to the airport and arrive at 7:30 AM.  New flight is scheduled to depart at 9:15 when of course, it gets delayed until 11 AM.  In the meantime, I know the procedure is scheduled to take place at 5 PM.  Three hour flight, 1 hour train ride and a taxi ride and I should make it in time to drive him to the surgical center, hold his hand, and take good care of the man I love.

Miraculously, we pull back from the gate at 11 AM and start towards the runway.  Phew…. and then, the plane stops suddenly.  The captain comes onto the loudspeaker and says, “the plane’s computer system is indicating there is a problem with the right flaps.  We are going to reboot our computers to see if this rectifies the problem.  We will get back to you within 15 minutes.”

Now I’m convinced that I am not going to make it.  I call my guy and let him know to secure some back up plans.  It looks like I will not make it in time.  He says, “Please come anyway.  I really need you.”

Now I’m dealing with my personal fear of flying in a malfunctioning plane on an airline that clearly doesn’t want me to get there, the pleading of my love, and an inside voice wanting to say to him — “Put your big boy pants on and deal with this!”  But alas, the computer reboot does the trick, three hours later, we land.  The train gets me to town, a friend picks me up and brings me to the surgical center…. and they say…. we just brought him back for prep.

With the sweetest short tempered voice I could muster, I let them know after traveling two days to get here, they WILL let me see him before he goes under.  Every ounce of superstitious thought has entered my mind.  And finally, after a very long test, I am holding hands with the most wonderful man in the world who was full of monitors and a gown and cap in a lovely shade of turquoise.  His smile of relief and appreciation let me know, without a doubt, that…

I was in the very right place… by his side…

And thankfully, we both passed the test with flying colors.

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