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Top 5 Things I Learned in Kindergarten This Year

Yeah, you read that right, I LEARNED stuff in Kindergarten this year!  Well, I didn’t actually get to GO to Kindergarten this year, but my daughter did, and we freakin’ rocked it.  And as we look forward to Summer, and start thinking about closing out this year, I started to think about how far we had come since September.  I mean, between digraphs, ten frames, and counting to 100, I feel like a new person.  I’ll have to ask my kid what she learned, but enough about her.  Here are the top 5 things I learned in Kindergarten this year:

  1.  It ain’t like it used to be.  Yeah, you heard me.  Kindergarten isn’t for sissies.  There is no nap-time, limited snacking and 15 minutes of outdoor play if you’re lucky.  The kids do a ton of work.  A TON.  And this bothered me… a lot.  Heck, it still does, but I also learned that since the kids don’t know (or care) what Kindergarten was like when I was little, they love it exactly how it is now.
  2. They get homework.  My kindergartener got homework this year and I freaked out.  No, I mean, I really freaked out.  She was too little.  It was impeding on our family time. She needs her afternoons to play G*DDAMMIT!  But, once I removed my old well worn hatred for homework from the equation and focused on her and her experience alone, I realized that on her own, my 6 year old actually loved her homework.  After a quick phone call to her teacher, her homework packets were ability level appropriate and she completed them easily and happily with little to no involvement from me.  Score.
  3. They take tests!  Yeah, for real.  Tests.  Or as my daughter calls them: test-es (if anyone corrects her, watch yourself because its adorable and like the only remnant I have of her being little).  They take their test-es on a Friday at our Kindergarten and while I have no idea why or what they are testing, its just a part of their routine now and my little one doesn’t bat an eye over them.
  4. THEY CAN READ!  Seriously.  My 6 year old went from knowing her letters and sounds to READING LIKE A BOSS.  In all honesty she is probably reading at a Kindergarten level, but damn she is crushing it!! She reads things all the time now that she had zero clue were going on around her at the beginning of the year.  Its awesome.  She is proud, I am proud, and I know her teacher is too.  Which leads me to…
  5. Kindergarten teachers are angels sent from heaven.  They choose to sit in small spaces, with ever shrinking time to plan, along with (mostly) shrinking resources and they use their creativity and their drive and their love of children and learning to make it work anyway.  They take little smushy babies who have zero attention span, with vastly varying degrees of ability and pre-school training and mold them into tiny little humans that can DO THINGS LIKE READ.   Ask any Kindergartener about their teacher and watch their face light up like a torch in the night.  They adore their teachers, and there is only one reason for that.  They can see their true colors, that is the color of shiny angels sent from heaven.

Thank You to all the teachers for all that you do.  Thank you for putting up with parents like me, who just needed a year of Kindergarten to see things a little more clearly and to be able to read the things that had been in front of me the whole time anyway.  You deserve much more than my praise.  You are inspiring, courageous and invaluable.  Thank you!!

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