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When Women Are Awesome

I’ve learned quite a lot in the last year. On top of navigating the challenges of motherhood, I began the slow and steady building of my personal health coaching business, MindBodyBespoke. I learned how to make a website, how to market myself, how to use social media to my advantage, and much more. What I did not expect to find was so many amazing women along the way. You may be thinking that these women are in my family and my close girlfriends. No doubt, those women have been incredibly supportive (love you!), but the women I’m describing in this post started out as strangers.

Unfortunately, in today’s society, you’ll hear endless gossip at the water cooler, sabotage in the workplace, and a general shaming of other women for their successes and failures. Jealously runs rampant, and competitiveness takes on an ugly face causing some driven, honest, hard working women to sacrifice their integrity to get ahead of someone else….. how incredibly sad and disappointing. I simply have no room in my life for this kind of woman. I will not allow this type of negativity seep into the positive mark I want to leave on this world.  When I say, “I have no room in my life” it’s because my life is particularly crowded right now.  It keeps getting filled with BETTER people, better WOMEN.

Women who build each other up.
Women who help others find their way.
Women who see potential in one another.
Women who want to be your friend (not your competitive enemy) even when you have a common career or interest.
Women who offer a shoulder even when they’ve got multiple people already leaning on them for support.

These women are AWESOME.

About six months ago, we moved to a quaint suburb of New York City. Groups are tight knit. Everyone is busy with kids, careers, and life. I decided very quickly that I wanted to feel at home as soon as possible and in my typical, sometimes over-excited fashion, I said hello to everyone. I joined organizations and committees, I checked out the local workout hotspots, and I shopped locally. I met other health coaches, I met other moms, I met fitness enthusiasts, store managers, teachers, bloggers, personal trainers…the list goes on and on. What I found was that these women were eager to help me, to support me, and to include me. They were friendly and to me, they were awesome.

Is this rare?

If you think it is, then be a part of the change. Include, introduce, invite, support, connect, share. You never know how you may be helping someone else feel more supported, more confident, and more comfortable. Even better, you may meet an amazing woman who becomes your closest friend.

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