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Colic is death.  I can understand how child abuse happens.  A colicky baby is one of the worst times of your life.  Especially when the newborn has an 18 month old brother.  No matter what you do, try to do, not do, the baby cries….  all day…. all night…..  Until you want to do something that will land you in jail.

And when you finally get the baby to sleep, and the 18 month old wants attention and decides crying and screaming at the top of their lungs is the way to get that attention, you rush to do WHATEVER they want right that minute…  God forbid Mr. Colic wakes up!

So you can imagine the conundrum.  Spoil the 18 month old and give in to every whim to protect your potential ounce of personal sanity…. or….


I tried both.  And by far, the more successful was when the two were finally asleep, I got to hang out with my new best friend…. CAB!  Cab was so nice, didn’t cry, made me feel nice and warm and allowed me to find a few moments of peace and sleep.

I did ultimately find another healthy way to manage the non-stop crying.  I placed said infant in the back of the house in a very safe environment.  I closed three doors along the way, turned on the shower, jumped in and listened to some loud music.  Magically, the crying stopped!!

Imagine that.  Peace, quiet and tranquility.  Thankfully I did not find these qualities in Cell Block A.  And “said infant” and older brother are thriving and productive members of society.  Phew!

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