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Why Can’t I Be Like Other People?

Why Can’t I Be Like Other People?   Someone overheard you say these words.  And that someone relayed that to me.  My heart has been sitting in my throat ever since and there are tears in my eyes that won’t dry.

If you could see what I see; know what I know; sense what I sense….you would never utter those words again.

I see it can be tough for you.  Not all the time, but on occasion.  You learn differently, you have your own strong ideas and interests, and you express yourself as only you can.

Why Can’t I Be Like Other People?  To hear that those words came out of your mouth pains me like nothing else.  Truth be told though, I admit that I have felt the same for you.  Thinking it might be easier for you.  But then you wouldn’t be you.

Becoming a teenager is hardly all fun and games – even when you are a mainstream kid.  There’s an added challenge if you aren’t in the cool crowd, the popular one, a top notch athlete or the smartest kid in the room.

You’ll come to realize that your originality is one of the best qualities you can have.  THIS is what I love most about you.  THIS is what everyone loves about you.   Those who truly know you “get it” and “get you” –  and guess what? These are the only people who matter.

Why Can’t I Be Like Other People?  This is hardly a fair question to ask yourself.  You are still developing as a young man.

You’ll become aware that being like everyone else and following the masses offers very little of an advantage.    You may not sense it or believe it now – or in the immediate future, or even for many years to come.  Don’t ever question who you are.  Don’t compare yourself to others.

You are an original.  A beautiful and wonderful soul who inspires me endlessly.  You are you for a reason.  It’s still too early to say why that is.  But, you will learn and see why.    And are way stronger than you give yourself credit for, my love.

Why Can’t I Be Like Other People?  It’s a question that many have said and felt at times in life.   Many of us have been there more times than we care to admit.

We have this in common, as this was me after you were born.  Why couldn’t I be like other mothers?  Why couldn’t I feel?  But when I started to really feel – there it was – more love for you than I could ever imagine.

I wasn’t like other mothers.  And that was meant to be, as it enabled me to become a stronger woman.   That experience shaped me, as these hardships will for you.  Your path will become clear.  I promise.  And if you’ll have me, I’d be honored to take the ride with you for as long as I can.

Why Can’t I Be Like Other People?  I look at you at this moment taking a nap on the couch and the love I have for you is like no other.  My first love.

Life happens and I forget what you need now and then. Remind me.  Yell at me.  Grab me.  Hit me if you have to! Get my attention if you think I’m not seeing, hearing and listening.  There’s nothing that I wouldn’t do for you – whenever, wherever, however.

And as your mother, I know the real quandary is “Why Can’t Other People Be Like You?”  A true kind soul; a profound thinker; a deep feeler; a lover of learning.  If they were, in my heart I know that this world would be a better place.

Because you make this world better.  And you make me a better person.  And for that, I owe you all the thanks that I can give.

Always remember to be you.

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