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Why Did I Write Sly Fox Of The Mind?

I have spent years and years and years in the Self Help Section of the book store.

Looking back on my childhood, there were moments that if I knew that “the voices” weren’t true, and I now think, ‘what choices would I have made differently?’ For example, I went to a performing arts camp having been the lead in my local production of Annie. I didn’t get the memo that every kid at this camp was the local lead of some play and when I auditioned for the first production of the summer, I got a short speaking role. Then it happened the next summer… and then the next summer… You get the point. I started to lose confidence. I started to believe things that weren’t true such as, “I am not good as the others.”

And even before then, when I was in second grade, I remember not wanting to run for class president because I was afraid that “I wouldn’t be liked.” We make decisions all day long and THAT VOICE which is trying so hard to protect us has too much control. The negative thoughts may not stop but we can reclaim our power back from them. Having two girls has been amazing because I get to witness little moments where if they could just see the ego (i.e. THE VOICE that is not true) taking over, they could reclaim their ability to choose it or take their power back from it. That’s where the idea for a character called “The Sly Fox” came about. The Sly Fox is the mind’s tendency to listen to the monkey mind’s negative internal chatter.

My two incredible daughters would come home from school saying things like: “Mom, my 3’s aren’t perfect,” to which I’d respond: “Who says they need to be perfect?” The Sly Fox.

Another instance that struck a deep chord was when my younger daughter came home from pre-school saying that some of the girls told her that she wasn’t pretty. Again, The Sly Fox rears its ugly head. Nothing anyone says has any bearing on who or what you are. When someone says something like that; it’s never about you. It’s about them.

Sometimes the girls would start going down the Compare and Despair Rabbit Hole saying, “you like her better then you like me.” SLY. FOX. And we would exorcise the demon by squeezing the Sly Fox out of our heads or send him off in a helium balloon or just popping it.

Adults, as well, are not immune to the Sly Fox. One day, I was having an uber-PMS moment, and my little one says, “Mommy, does the Sly Fox have a hold of your brain?” After the brief shock wore off, I humbly nodded ‘yes’.  Then they helped me get it out. So we all practice holding each other accountable. And regarding the Good Fox: whatever statement you tell yourself in order to lift yourself up will become your truth.

So let’s do our best to be with the Good fox. It doesn’t mean the Sly Fox won’t come back, but being conscious of it is the first step. In the age of “bullying”, the story “The Sly Fox of the Mind” was created as an empowerment tool for kids to take their power back from the biggest bully of all! The bully of their own mind. If you remember that you can prevent anyone from getting to you by not taking anything personally, then you can’t be bullied. Easier said then done, right? My favorite line, which made it into the book, came one day from my little one in the car. She said, “Mommy sometimes I don’t get rid of the Sly Fox, I dance with it.” It felt like I had an enlightened Buddha sitting in the back, it was that profound. Learning to dance with the good thoughts and the bad thoughts; that is total balance. I hope you enjoy the book.

The “Sly Fox of the Mind” is available on sale on kindle for 99 cents for the month of June for the launch of the book (normally $2.99). Paperback is available as well for $8.99

The Sly Fox Of The Mind

~ Ms. Brooke Olstein (author) More about this product

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