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Why You Should Never Give Up On Healing and Getting Your Life Back

Life is funny.  On social media, it all looks perfect, right?  We post pictures of our beautiful families, perfectly angled selfies, moments when we’re at our best. And that’s not to say that we’re disingenuous when we’re doing these posts, because that’s not the case.  Most of us are actually deeply present in these moments and capture them publicly because we want the world to celebrate with us.

But today I want to call out the smoke and mirrors of what was happening behind my perfect selfies. Behind the ginormous curtain, the wizard wasn’t so fabulous and powerful after all, and was far more of shit show than I felt I could admit to the world. I had slogged through 7 years with severe insomnia after childbirth. I was struggling to physically get through every day when I’d had maybe 2 hours of quality sleep the night before.  I woke up many days either wanting to put a gun to my head or jump out the window—whatever it took to end my misery and let me get some blessed rest. Even though I was writing books and working with clients by day, at night I cried myself to sleep fighting deep depression and despair because I wasn’t the mother, wife, friend or healer that I wanted to be. I’d lost complete trust that my body would heal or that any end was in sight. I developed severe anxiety and panic attacks. I packed on body fat and didn’t recognize myself when I looked in the mirror.

I knew I’d hit rock-bottom when…

-A good day for me meant making my bed and cooking dinner for my family

-I could not remember if I’d been to Italy with my husband (we spent 10 days there)

-One doctor gave me a copy of the Kabbalah and told me to put it under my pillow

-Another doctor told me to just have a glass of wine and go for a walk every night – clearly it was all in my head

-When I told another doctor I believed I would get through all of this he said incredulously, “You do?”

-I depleted our entire health savings account going to doctors and healers

-I shrunk my husband’s brand new collection of work shirts

-I told my story to pretty much anyone who was standing in front of me and would listen

A few years into this, I woke up crying to my husband one morning.  He looked at me and lovingly said, “Just go fucking DO something about it!”  And although I was pissed at him at the time and wasn’t able to see that he had my back, hearing those words was the kick in the ass I needed to go and get my fight on.

It took me many more years to find the practitioner who actually diagnosed me with Epstein-Barr Virus and gently explained to me that my nervous system had short-circuited as a result—hence the cause of me not sleeping. He put me on an anti-viral protocol, gradually weaned me off my sleep and anxiety meds, and helped me get my total groove back.  And during those long, slow, years, I had to be patient and pray and get through one whole day at a time.  I had to suspend the disbelief that my treatment wouldn’t work. And, irony defined–I had to go vegan while promoting my latest book, Cavewomen Don’t Get Fat – a Paleo diet for women. (https://www.amazon.com/Cavewomen-Dont-Get-Fat-Results/dp/1476707693 )

Not knowing what the night or even the next day would bring brought me to my knees with humility.  I learned the power of prayer, faith, optimism, and to trust that my body would eventually be able to heal itself. I also learned to say no to commitments, people or situations that were draining or not worth my time and energy. I dug deep into my roots and grew more powerful and centered than I had ever been in my life—I was on a she-ro’s journey.

My experience has grounded me in a way I never knew possible and gave me a spectacular perspective on all that you can accomplish in life–no matter what hell you’re going through behind the scenes.  I feel blessed and grateful and thank God every day that my husband and son and friends all stuck with me through my journey back to wellness.  My sleep isn’t perfect; I still have to take a handful of supplements every night before bed, along with homeopathics and oils, to sleep. But man I feel fantastic. And I’m crazy proud of the fact that I made it to the other side—and got my life back in the process. No joy is too small, no victory goes uncelebrated.

So now, my Gorgeous Ones, I’m bringing that level of self-empowerment, knowledge, and overall badassery right to you.  Better yet, I’d like to bring you to me so we can personally, deeply, and authentically do some groundbreaking work together.

In fact, as I write this, I’m sitting on my deck on a majestic day, putting the finishing touches on my #RadicallyGorgeous weekend intensive and I’m STOKED!

You are a candidate for this course if:

-You’re sick of your clothes not fitting and feel trapped in your body

-You feel on edge and often take your anger out on your hubs/kids

-You can’t remember the last time you felt sexy and desirable

-You can’t remember the last time you proudly walked around naked

-You have low energy and motivation

-You feel lost when it comes to knowing what to eat

-You want to rewire what and how you eat, and SUSTAIN IT

-You want to feel totally unapologetic and completely confident about what you do choose to eat

-You climb up the intentional mountain only to slide right back down

-You’re completely sick of where you’re at and are ready to grab change by the lady balls

-You want to feel PEACE OF MIND, PRESENT IN YOUR OWN LIFE, CONFIDENT, HAPPY, HEALTHY, ENERGETIC, PROUD OF YOUR BODY, AND FEEL PRESENT IN YOUR OWN LIFE (…and not even think about whether your clothes will fit you that day!).

Radically Gorgeous coaching is designed to bring you into alignment with your goals.  Not only do we create a roadmap and action plans for your health and your life, but get you feeling empowered and crystal clear on your path and purpose.

For some clients I’ve worked with, this means changing their diets, getting off their meds and healing their bodies.  For others, it means rethinking their marital status.  For others, it’s dropping a lot of weight and being more mindful of their diet and exercises.  Everyone has a unique path and purpose, and everyone’s needs get addressed.

Since what we pay attention to grows, I can tell you that handling the emotional piece that underlies all your fears, motivations, and behaviors will naturally flow into the other areas of your life.  When you nurture and grow the practice and art of self-love, all the other pieces fall will into place.

The weekend is packaged with coaching calls before and after the weekend to continue supporting the work we do together.

I have a couple spaces left in my group for September and am also accepting private clients for 1:1 coaching in the meantime.

Email me if you’re ready to do epic shit for yourself, your family, and your LIFE.

Live Gorgeously,



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