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Write For Us. You Know You Want To.

If you consider yourself to be a Suburban Misfit Mom, join us in expressing yourself! Yes, that’s right, we want YOU to write for our website. Passion and humor are at the core of what makes a Suburban Misfit Mom tick, and we love to learn from each other’s experiences.

We invite all of you SMM’s to share your thoughts: quirky, thoughtful, and unapologetically you. But Judgers beware! Suburban Misfit Moms are not easily pegged into boxes with slapped-on labels. Self-awareness and open-mindedness triumphs in our interactive playground!

What is SMM?

What is SMM?

SMM is a content provider for progressive mothers who refuse to be compartmentalized or labeled. SMM is an icon for the mother who respects, explores and honors every part of her unique identity. SMM is a champion for the out-of-the-box mother who enjoys challenging social norms. SMM, our humor-based online magazine, explores trending issues in culture (psychology, motherhood, celebrity, spirituality), reflecting on how they affect women in all aspects of their lives.