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Write For Us. You Know You Want To.

If you consider yourself to be a Suburban Misfit Mom, join us in expressing yourself! Yes, that’s right, we want YOU to write for our website. Passion and humor are at the core of what makes a Suburban Misfit Mom tick, and we love to learn from each other’s experiences.

We invite all of you SMM’s to share your thoughts: quirky, thoughtful, and unapologetically you. But Judgers beware! Suburban Misfit Moms are not easily pegged into boxes with slapped-on labels. Self-awareness and open-mindedness triumphs in our interactive playground!

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What is SMM?

What is SMM?

SMM is a content provider for progressive mothers who refuse to be labeled. SMM is an icon for the mother who respects, explores and honors every part of her unique identity. SMM is a champion for the out-of-the-box mother who enjoys challenging social norms. SMM, our humor-based online magazine, explores trending issues in culture (psychology, motherhood, celebrity, spirituality), reflecting on how they affect women in all aspects of their lives.