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Amy Slavitt

Writer Website: https://fashiondoesntlikeme.wordpress.com

Hi my name is Amy and I am shaped like a pear.If you love fashion you will know that this sucks.My love/hate relationship with fashion can be traced back to the early 80's when I was desperately seeking the right pair of stone washed jeans to fit my not-so-fashion-ready frame.I live in New Jersey but I am born and bred Long Island, NY where shopping is a contact sport. I am a former NYC beauty publicist who traded corporate life for the mommy-track and in doing so had to ditch the city chic wardrobe in favor of a suburban "I am really too busy to care what I look like but oooh look how I threw this cute outfit together anyway" attitude. I love fashion but it doesn't always love me.Due to the unfortunate figure that was bestowed upon me at birth I am forever on a journey to find trendy clothes that fit me. What was once my private angst is now public in all its hilarity.

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