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Beth Segaloff

Writer Website: http://www.treeoflifecenters.com

My name is Beth Segaloff and I am a Licensed Master of Social Work, Reiki Master, Registered Yoga Teacher, Cerified Deep Play For Kids Yoga Teacher, Certified Firewalk Instructor and Mom. My life has taken many twists and turns; some were planned and some were unexpected. By the time I was 36, I was married, had a son, divorced, found true love and then widowed; life was not quite going as planned.
In my 15 professional years as a social worker and through my personal journey, I began exploring various modalities for healing and change. I became trained in Reiki healing and the facilitation of unique empowerment and wellness workshops; all leading to the establishment of Tree of Life Center. What I know is that combining and dabbling in various modalities has proven transformative personally and with my clients.
I don’t want to be identified as my story yet I am where I am because of ALL of my experiences. I represent the balance of empowerment and peace. It is not about "moving on", but rather "moving through". By being present in the moment, each of us can create the life we envision. I embrace my authentic life that is filled with self-love, challenges, joy, pain, and peace. It’s about accepting the balance of it all. My intention is to continue to be real, sparkling joy and sharing my light with you.

I offer individual and group sessions that are therapeutic, transformative and dynamic to support you.

Over the years, I professionally became trained in various modalities to create effective change in my own life as well as my clients. The balance of skills allows me to genuinely meet my clients’ needs in a safe and supportive way.

Please call or email me to set up your next appointment!
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