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I am restless, analytical, and opinionated. I am not offended by a dirty joke and can dish out one of my own. I am independent but far from being a feminist.

I love the ocean; hate the beach. Give me a balcony overlooking it any day. I enjoy reading, but for right now I read books that don't require too much thought or feeling. I do enough of that during the day because I am an educator in an urban school district. I truly love what I do and live for the "a-ha" moments.

I am also a professional multi-tasker; doctor, cook, friend, maid, dishwasher, teacher, disciplinarian, problem-solver, crazy dancing lady, nightmare ass-kicker - one word to sum it up: MOM. I am the proud mother of two amazing young girls. Ironically, they keep me grounded and adventurous.

Excitement, disappointment, anxiety, fear, happy moments, sad moments and every other feeling in between fill my life ... Just like yours, right?

In my spare time (I use this term loosely) I write about life. As beautiful as it is, I choose to not wear rose-colored glasses. I deliver the facts, albeit with a little embellishment to liven it up. Be prepared to laugh, cry, moan, groan, whine, and shake your head in disagreement as my words take you on an adventure you will not forget.

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