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jennifer hurvitz

Writer Website: http://www.thetruthhurvitz.com

Jennifer Hurvitz Weintraub was born and raised (ever-so-proudly) in the suburbs ​ of Detroit, Michigan. She attended Michigan State University, where she received her BS in Family and Child Ecology and Adolescent Development. After giving up her career ...she got married to the greatest guy around, and popped out two amazing BOYS! But, sadly...Marriage wasn’t all it was cracked up to be..and Jen suddenly found herself single! Divorced, and dating, she decided to write a BLOG, TheTruthHurvitz. com . Jen is REAL​​...a truth-teller, and she doesn’t hold back. Sassy and witty...heartfelt, and relatable, Jen shares her stories about all things divorce, and dating. Adored by many, for her honesty and candor...Jen’s biggest fans are her sons, Jonah and Zac.

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