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Jessie Ford

Writer Website: http://www.jessiedamatoford.com

Hey, I'm Jessie. Please don't call me Jessica though as it's not my name.

I'm a working mom from home and I share my office (aka the playroom) most days with a toddler. My son and my daughter, in kindergarten, are the light of my life. They also provide me with so much amazing content with which to write about.

My husband (a Brit turned American), my children and I live on the Connecticut shore and do a great job pretending we have our shit together. But in truth I'm a major klutz, a terrible cook, and I resemble an extra from The Walking Dead more times than not.

Life is crazy for working moms but always exciting. I love writing and motherhood allows me ample opportunities to make fun of myself and reflect truthfully about my amazing yet chaotic life.

I'm a writer, a reader, and a food lover. A little bit of my heart goes into all of my pieces so I hope you enjoy.

And three times since I've started writing this bio, I've had to grab said toddler from somewhere doing something he's not supposed to be doing.

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