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Katherine Egan

Email: [email protected]

Writer Website: http://healthwealthfun.com/

Katherine Egan is on a mission to spread hope. She spent most of her life avoiding and preventing the various illnesses and conditions that swamp her family tree. From a young age, she did things instinctively (to stay healthy) that later were confirmed and validated at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Today she is an Internationally Certified Holistic Health Coach helping clients rediscover their path towards optimal health and live the life of their dreams. Katherine is the healthiest 50-something person she knows and she wants to help you find your best life. If you’re ready for your own transformation, contact her today.

Katherine’s first book, Genetics Isn’t Everything, How to make Your Genes Fit You, a collection of stories about women who have changed their health and thus their lives with nutrition, self-care and self-compassion was recently released. It talks about genetics (the DNA blueprint we are all born with) as well as epigenetics, which shows that environment, diet and lifestyle and the daily choices we make in relation to these things – influence how our genes are expressed. In other words – how/when/if genes get turned on or not.

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