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Hello my name is Lily , I am a 40 yr old Bronx, NY native who loves to write, read, cook, sing and dance .I am a stay at home mom to my 3 beautiful children and wife to my amazing husband .

I have been writing since 4th grade , it was a way for me to escape into a world and life outside of my own. My writing is my truth , it helps me to be a better mother ,wife ,sister, friend and role model. I am a firm believer of learning from your life experiences and embracing the good with the bad. In the end there's always some type of reward.
Motherhood is something that brings out the best in me . I want to be the mom I always wanted for myself to my children. They are my inspiration and my hope. I dream big for my kids and I use my writing to help me be an inspiration for them.

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