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Linda Klonsky

Writer Website: http://isithotinheremmm.blogspot.com

Linda Klonsky is a coffee addict by day, superhero by night. A former marketing manager with a degree in Psychology, she holds a part-time job as a playground aide at the local schools so she can be available for her teenager and 4th grade gymnast the rest of the day. As an older, middle-class mother living in notoriously affluent town in New Jersey, she constantly rallies against the “entitlement” issues she sees in the parents and kids around her.

Linda has been blogging for more than 15 years on Mom's Crayon (http://momscrayon.blogspot.com) and “Is It Hot In Here?” Menopause, Motherhood & More (http://isithotinheremmm.blogspot.com) and has been featured on Jersey Moms Blog (http://jerseymomsblog.com/). A Content Manager on The Geek Parent (www.geekparent.com), she stays vigilant to the issues of raising kids in the digital world.

In her spare time she enjoys a good beer, sleeping, reading, and spending time with her cat (often, the only one who is happy to see her). Join her for insights into the journey through Motherhood peppered with a lot of no-nonsense Jersey sass.

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