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Megan Parsley

Hi all, I’m Megan. I’m pretty new to the world of being a stay-at-home mom and so far I have approached it with the same blundering but well-intentioned ambitions with which I have approached other intimidating new adventures in my life.

I currently reside with my husband and my sweet, but wild, two-year-old daughter in the South Bay (the suburbs) of Los Angeles. In a past life, I worked in digital marketing and lived near the beach in Santa Monica. Before that, I lived with several very fun gay men in New York City. And before that, I was working for a study abroad program in London, where my job was to take American college kids around to see the sights of Europe…and I got paid for it. Nowadays, my mornings are spent at Gymboree and my afternoons are spent at the park making small talk with fellow moms about nap schedules and teething. A part of me loves it, but a part of me also struggles with it. But one thing I know for sure: motherhood is the hardest, dirtiest and thankless work I’ll ever love doing.

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