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Nathalie Laitmon

Email: [email protected]

Writer Website: https://suburbanmisfitmom.com/

Suburban Misfit Mom was Conceived, Founded and Curated by a mom from Manhattan who was bound, tied and kidnapped to live an idyllic life of suburban bliss and drama. Suburban Sally survives this assault by writing anonymously about the Stepford-like people and situations that drive her crazy and inevitably force her to grow. On a daily basis, Sally asks herself, "who died and made me an adult?" And the three kids, the house and dog thing? It never gets old. In fact, creating a community of like-minded moms who are REAL and HONEST and MULTI-FACETED is just one of Suburban Sally’s outrageous fantasies that women will support and embrace each other’s uniqueness. But since a shame-free, ego-free environment probably only exists on Mars, she’s making plans to visit there soon. In the meantime, she’s inspired by all the writers she’s met just by sourcing tastemakers and trendsetters in the Mommieconomy. Other than writing essays and fiction, Suburban Sally’s passion is all about helping other writers build their brands and identify their authentic writing voices. She is currently editing a novel about a cult in the suburbs. Suburban Sally is available for speaking engagements, brand consulting for companies and individual writers, focus groups and events that cull the power of the Suburban Misfit Mom community.

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